Sunday, September 29, 2013

Balloon Fiesta

General admission $8 any session, any day Kids 12 and under FREE 
5 pack of tickets $35 per pack =$7ea session. 
Guests from all over the world come to Albuquerque to celebrate ballooning. Literally hundreds of balloons will be taking flight from the Balloon Fiesta Park this year October 5 through 13, 2013.
Balloon Fiesta—which, with over 600 balloons, is the largest ballooning event on earth, the most photographed event on earth, and the largest annual international event held in the United States.
When should I arrive at Balloon Fiesta Park?
Since crowds for some of our events are in excess of 100,000 people, arriving sooner is better. For weekend events, plan to arrive at the park by 4:30-5:00am. During evening events, try to be at the park by 4pm. Gates open at 4:30am and 3:00pm.
Where do we park?
We have general parking lots on the north and south ends of the park for $10 every time you park. Each parking lot is color-coded and the gates are numbered, so please remember the color and number of the gate through which you entered the field.
Can we bring food and drinks into the park?
Yes, but you cannot bring glass or alcohol and your bags or coolers are subject to search.
Where are the ATMs located at Balloon Fiesta Park?
There are ATMs at both the north and south ends of Main Street and near the Stage in the middle of Main Street.
What are typical weather conditions, and what do I wear?
Generally, temperatures in the morning are around 20-40°F, warming up to about 50-70°F by noon. Bring a jacket and dress in layers. Also remember to wear comfortable walking shoes. Bring sunscreen to put on after the sun is up. You will be at a high altitude and are at risk for sunburn. Bring appropriate eye protection. Sun and wind could be your enemies on a bright, sunny or windy day. For further weather information, visit
the best way to save money for admission is to Volunteer for the Chase crew here is the info....

Crew Registration

If you are interested in joining a chase crew for the 2013 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta plan to attend registration at Balloon Fiesta Park in the pilot's Landing (large white tent on the SE end of the Park) or go to the Chase Crew tower prior to any event. For more information contact the Chase Crew Coordinator Cindy Moores at 505-974-0178.
Pre-registration times are: Wednesday, October 2nd 5-8pm
Thursday, October 3rd 10am-4pm
Friday, October 4th 10am-6pm
You will receive a pilot assignment and be able to view a training video at registration.

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