Wednesday, February 29, 2012

National Fiery food show

24 years and going strong, best place to sample Salsa from around the globe. The show will be at Sandia casino off I-25 at the tramway rd exit. you can also sample other spicy sauces. there are some very tasty, not too spicy sauces and bbq sauce . Plenty to please the discerning palate. most vendors have product on hand that you can buy and take home right away. tickets are $15 at the door for adults, $5 for children up to 18. the show will run fri, 4-8pm, sat 11-7, sun 11-6pm. March 2-4. parking is free. There will be drinks available for purchase, water, beer, etc. you may bring your own bottled water if you like. we bring a back pack to put our purchases and water in so we can walk around hands free. there will be a lot of walking if you intend to check out all 200 booths and the crowds do make it a little difficult to maneuver a stroller. there are also water fountains available to cool your taste buds. I have been going to the show most of the years its been around. so I hope tChis information helps you enjoy the show as much as I do.
Happy Sampling.
went to the show from 3-6pm Saturday.  Lots of tasty salsas and BBQ sauce. you just have to maneuver through a lot of people. this show is always very crowded. but well worth it if you like Salsa and Sauce.
Make sure you try the Garden fresh Salsa at a fair price of 2 for $5, Might as well take some home.
Other ones to try are

  • *Phils gourmet sauce, 
  • Salsa king out of Phoenix, AZ. 
  • Flaming Joes had a great Jerk sauce and the BBQ sauce was good too.  
  • A & J family farms LLC had a great tasting Honey and if you want to build a tolerance to local pollen to lessen your allergies. eat local honey. 
  • Make sure to pick up Dave Dewitts newest book Chile trivia (see how much you know)
  • want to take home a t-shirt with out spending $18 there are some right in the middle of the show at a booth called David Carey (I think)  classy t-shirts for $5 & $10 inexpensive beads for the kids great value all around.