Thursday, July 23, 2015

Save and play at It'z

Started the day with great plans and the plans fell through, so then we wondered what to do.
Well we decided to go to It'z. As it turns out they have a lot of special offers to take advantage of and you don't have to worry if its a rainy day, because all the fun is inside.
Right now they are offering a Summer sizzler special. $19.99 Mon - Fri. this promotion runs until Sept. 4th, 2015. There is also an option to win the summer sizzler pack. which includes the buffet, drink, video games and attractions. this card does not include the the coin and prize redemption games. but you can go on the rides, go mini bowling, try the rock climbing wall and play many arcade games racing, pac man etc. If you want to go out on a weekend night and you already had dinner there is another special available for you.
you can check the page directly and find more specials and promotions, and even buy your tickets online and save more.
Phillip having Pizza and Fun
My son Phillip on the rock climbing wall