Thursday, February 19, 2015

Propane tank for gas grill refill vs exchange

I tend to use my grill often all times of the year, well it was empty again. no grilling for me :(   . My friend mentioned a propane place in the east mountains that fills tanks for like around 10 dollars. That sounded better than an exchange which are currently running anywhere from 17 to about 22 dollars. So driving down 4th street I see a propane exchange place. stopped and got it filled. well it took 2.9 gallons to fill. an average gas grill propane tank holds 4.7 gallons mine only needed 2.9 gallons to fill. resulting in a total price of $8.07 I was excited since I had been paying so much more before. apparently my tank wasn't empty all the way. if it was it should have cost me 13.08 according to my calculations. It appears that the propane cost is 2.78 a gallon. either way that works for me. I also found out while looking up how much a propane tank holds that the exchange places only fill 75% they want you to come back sooner. here are the links to the pages I found the other info on. THE TRUTH ABOUT FILLING 20 LB BBQ GRILL PROPANE TANKS   and   Propane Tanks - To Refill or to Exchange

A-X Propane Co