Sunday, September 29, 2013

Albuquerque Alpacas go see Live Alpacas

During Balloon fiesta you will have opportunities to buy Alpaca merchandise but have you ever met one in person. they are furry and cute. kind of like a big sheep or small furry horse. While driving down Alameda you see the signs on the weekend for Albuquerque Alpacas well this weekend we stopped and met a few. Luxor just a baby still only 3 months old came out of his pen to meet us. You can pet them on the neck and back. they don't prefer to be pet on the head too much. Phillip my son was intrigued with the Alpacas, would love to bring one home with us. Well not today. but they do have a gift shop open weekends (weekdays by appt) with sweaters, slippers, scarves, bears, and little baby alpacas you can take home for only 6.50. Compact enough to put on the Christmas tree. no feeding necessary since the tiny handheld ones are stuffed. They are located at 9721 Guadalupe trail NW. watch for the signs on the weekends on Alameda. here is their web page Albuquerque Alpacas

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