Wednesday, November 26, 2014

cutting costs on Electric in NM and FREE REFRIGERATOR

I want to bring my Electric bill down and Im sure everybody else does too. so I have some stats and links to cut some costs. First off here is a link to PNM 99 Energywise Ideas For Saving Energy. that would be a forever copy paste so Ill let you read it on their page.
99 energywise ideas
here is another thing from them. you probably already know that the swirly looking lightbulbs aka cfl= compact fluorescent light bulbs 
  • You can also purchase discounted CFLs online at the Energy Federation Incorporated (EFI) online store for PNM residential electric light bulbs only .50ea
  • Did you know?

    • CFLs use 75 percent less electricity than traditional incandescent light bulbs.
    • CFLs last up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
    • By using a CFL in a frequently used lamp, you can save about $30 or more in electricity costs over each bulb's lifetime.
    • CFLs produce about 75 percent less heat, so they're safer to operate and can cut energy costs associated with home cooling.
    • You could shave as much as $65 per year off your electric bill by replacing incandescent bulbs with CFLs.
  • saving money on running your PC
  • Leave Your PC Running? Put It to Sleep and Save Cash

  • 1. When you put your PC to sleep at night instead of leaving it running, you save $2 per month.
    2. When you put your PC to sleep at night instead of turning it off, you save at least 25 minutes per month (in startup and shutdown time, I'm guessing), while spending only an extra five cents monthly.
  • and now the best part in money saving. 
  • 1) I just did this over the last few months. 

    PNM Home Energy Checkup 

    Call (855) 775-6491 to schedule your PNM Home Energy Checkup.

    There is a $40 fee* for the Checkup, and it's well worth it. We come to you and do all the work. Here's what you get:
    • A comprehensive Home Energy Checkup conducted by a qualified, PNM-approved assessor.
    • Installation of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), a low-flow showerhead, and faucet aerators. New Offers! Now you can get smart power strips and an LED night light installed. If you have refrigerated air conditioning, you can get a programmable thermostat, too
    • if you are low income the fee is waived. its FREE.  I got some light bulbs, already had some in. I got 2 faucet aerators that save water and gas for heating. I did not opt for the low flow shower heads since I have Handheld showers. gotta wash the dog. and a smart Power strip. oh and the big part was My refrigerator was over 10 years old and did not seal properly, and my ice maker wasnt working either.  PNM replaced it with a New one with the same specs or more. its a 25 cubic foot side by side, with water and ice in the door. and they even special ordered it in for me because my door was too small to get the larger one through. so they ordered a counter depth unit special for me. I am very happy with it. 
  • here is the link to the PNM page so you can see what they offer for yourself. PNM home energy check up

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