Saturday, October 26, 2013

Corrales Wine Loop 4 wineries in only 8 miles

The Village of Corrales 4 wineries in only 8 miles There are actually 5 wineries within the Corrales area with one (Matheson) lingering just outside the village in the city Rio Rancho off Hwy 528. Corrales Winery, Matheson Winery, Acequia Winery and Pasando Tiempo have come together to bring you the Corrales Wine Loop. see the page for a lovely map. This team of winemaker’s are excited to introduce not only their award winning wines and vineyards but also share and introduce the wonderful history of the oldest wine growing region in all the United States. As Corrales Boarders the Rio Grande River and areas of the old pueblo it is astonishing while skipping from winery to winery to overlook the beautiful Sandia Mountain as a backdrop. With numerous prehistoric sites dating back as far as 500 A.D. it is not a wonder why taking the Corrales Wine Loop builds Memories. I highly encourage taking the tour ASAP, remember the wineries are open Wed. thru Sun. 12-to-5. Please call Pasando Tiempo in advance as their new production supplies can be limited. There is no need for detailed planning; if you have 3-to-4 hours available just jump in the car, join a friend and go! IndulgeNM also sponsors The Corrales Bike and Wine Tour that will follow this same is held April and August of every year. So join us this August 2013. Join Matheson winery, Acequia winery,Corrales winery and Pasando Tiempo winery for tastings, tours, education and fun. Corrales Wine Loop introduces conveniently located wineries that offer Riesling, Chardonnay, Muscat and Malvasia white wines to Merlot, Cabernet and Sangiovese reds and many others. From virgin palette to the more sophisticated, Corrales Wine Loop and it’s events offer what you desire. Acequia Winery Pronounced Ah-Sa-Key-Ah, Which Is Spanish For The Canals Built By Native American To Carry The Snow Melt From The Rock Mountains To Irrigate The Desert Valleys Of New Mexico. Acequia Continues The Tradition Of Growing Some Of The Best Grapes And Making Some Of The Best Wines In The Rio Grande Valley. We Encourage You To Visit Us In The Beautiful Old Farming Village Of Corrales, New Mexico. Corrales Winery Our Winery Is Located Minutes North Of Albuquerque, Along The National Scenic And Spanish Settlement Of Corrales. We Have Resurrected The Old Vineyards And Wine-Making Traditions Of The Spanish And French Settlers. The Beautiful Winery, Incorporating Indian Pueblo And Northern New Mexico Architecture, Overlooks Our Vineyards And The Sandia Mountains. Payin Attention To The Smallest Details, We Handcraft Small Quantities Of Exceptional, Award Winning Wines. Using Grapes From Our Own Or From New Mexico’s Finest Vineyards, We Created A Selecion Of Red And White Wines For Every Taste. Matheson Winery Rio Rancho’s only winery, we are located on Highway 528, just 1.8 miles north of Southern Boulevard, at the intersection of Highway 528 and Sundt. The winery was founded by longtime New Mexico Winemaker: Mark Matheson. We do not grow our grapes but instead choose to focus on the craft of winemaking, purchasing the finest New Mexico winegrapes in the state. The winery specializes in blended reds and port wines.

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