Friday, April 6, 2012

Free NM Busker Days April 6th and 7th in Old Town

Buskers are invited to perform in Old Town at the Gazebo for this special weekend.


Apr 06, 2012 05:00 PM Apr 07, 2012 05:00 PM


Old Town Plaza
200 Romero NW
AlbuquerqueNM 87104


NM Busker Days

Friday April 6, 5 - 8 p.m.        
Saturday April 7, 2 – 5 p.m.

As a celebration of the Busking tradition, Old Town invites Albuquerque’s street musicians to come and perform on the best stage in town, Old Town’s Plaza Vieja Gazebo.  Come and cheer on your favorite local musician and become familiar with this special class of artist, the street performer, who is willing on a daily basis to “put it on the line” in the most public of places.  

Chalk Artists from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Friday April 6th

Kelsi Sharp                @        The Chilly Patch, 205 South San Felipe
By Romero House    @        Romero House, 205 Romero
Willy Jacobson          @        Basket Shop, 301 Romero
Santiago                     @        Trader Barbs, 2308 Romero
Rachel Abeyta           @        Studio 13, 113 Romero
Marion I. Duignan     @        Ann Osenga Gallery, 514 C North Romero
grjsanchez                 @        Blue Portal, Church St
Noel Chilton              @        Santo Domingo Trading, 401 ½ North San Felipe
Nova DeNise             @        Turquoise Mountain, 400 Patio San Felipe
Ana Beall                    @        Black Stone of NM, 400 North San Felipe
Kemper Barkhurst    @        Plaza Hacienda, Courtyard
Carol Sullivan           @        Mix, 220 South Plaza

Friday April 6th Buskers - Placement to be determined

Dietger De Maeseneer – acoustic trio
Stuart Rasmussen – acoustic trio
Los Trobadores – Hispano classics
David Peters – acoustic solo
Cornbread Blues – acoustic blues
Rachael Montenegro – solo acoustic
Johnny Alston – Native Flute
Bianca Juganaru – dance / mime
Sage Harrington – acoustic duo
John Simmons – solo acoustic
Apple Mountain - strings
Ellory Rose – accordion
Devon Hall – acoustic duo
Tony Comito - Magician

Saturday April 7th Buskers


2 p.m.        Busker Competion
3:30 p.m.   Tony Comito / Michael McCormick
4 p.m.        Martin Stamper (Fast Heart Mart)

Plaza Don Luis

2 p.m.        Amauta – long time plaza favorite

Plazuela Sombra

2 p.m.        Kevin Morgan – acoustic solo
3 p.m.        Devon Hall – acoustic duo

Patio Escondido

2 p.m.        Lenore Armijo – acoustic solo
3 p.m.        Chuck Hawley – solo acoustic

Poco A Poco

2 p.m.        EdDee G. – acoustic classics
3 p.m.        Kevin Morgan – acoustic solo

Hacienda Plaza

2 p.m.        Kookie Jones – acoustic quartet
3 p.m.        Low Ink – acoustic duo

Patio Market

2 p.m.        David Peters – acoustic solo
3 p.m.        Consort Uncaged – flute/drum

Roaming Buskers

Allison Theoret – stilt walker
Frank Griego - balloon artist

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