Monday, September 26, 2011

finally cut my cell phone cost! Goodbye Sprint!

I got a Net 10 phone from Walmart about 5 months ago. they have a few plans, I started with the $50 Unlimited mins, internet, text, everything. when I realized I wasn't using that many minutes I cut down some more. $25 for 750 mins per month, some times I run short early, sometimes I have leftover. either way it beats $85 a month which is what I was paying for sprint. AND I had a discount for them. Bought my phone for $30 at WalMart.
the deal was something like this.  NET10 LG 900 Prepaid Cell Phone with bonus earpiece, car charger, 4GB SD card 
free car charger is a good thing. this month I bought my refill minutes online. If you buy them through net 10 you pay sales tax. So again I searched for a cheaper way. I tried Calling Mart all seems fine so far. 

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